Monday, July 26, 2010

Camp Peniel

Omg,This Year Was The BEST YEAR EVER!
I Say That Every Year,I Know,But This Year Was Amazing,I Am Going Again August 1-7 So You Can Send Me Letters Just Go to and get the address.But Here Was Our Crazy Cabin On The First Night.
These Girl's Our Amazing
This Was My Seventh Year
We Were The Oldest Girls,Whooo Go Cabin 12!!
So we were walking around saying"we earn The Respect"
and in the mornin Jenny"The Director of Girls Camp"
Would roll call By Cabins,and it was like 7 so you would think that we would be like half asleep but no.Ex.
Cabin Oak:Says Here (Half Asleep)
Cabin Cedar:Says Here(Half Asleep)
Cabin 4:Says Here( Half Asleep)
Cabin 12:REPRESENT!!!!!
We were Pumped as you can see(:

Garner State Park(Rocks)

So As You May know,My Cousin Jena Has A Blog Also,and he blog is where my feets have been,and so she lived in Asia For Year and and she's been a lot of places.So Wherever she goes she'll take a picture of her feet,so when we were in Garner(You Know How There Is Alot Of Rocks)She Took A Picture Of Our Feet.

Garner State Park(Whirlpool)

So Jena And I Were Exploring In Garner And We Found This Little whirlpool and I Thought It was Amazing(i'm easily amused)

My Birthday

So 2 Days Ago,Blair Lewis And Piper Argo And I Went To Main Event Entertainment and Saw a 4d Movie,it was so fun,There was an 8 year old and her dad sitting behind us and she was acting way more mature then we were.It was A Horror Mine Ride.So We Were On This Mine Cart Underground In This Mine and The Chairs Would Like Move and At One Point we Would Jerk like we were falling in the lava and we were screaming our heads off.It Was Hilarious(;